5 Points to Take Care to Keep your phone secured

Data leak and security are one of the major concern nowadays and if you want to be secure, you need to make a lot of effort. There are lots of apps and virus are running on the market and it can be injected anytime to your phone.

Not only mobile spy app but also SMS spy is also a major concern these days as it may also lead to the data insecurity. One needs to take care of all security stuff while using any electronics gadgets else your privacy will be at risk. There are many cell phone spy app for android which can be introduced to your phone without your notice which needs to be controlled.

Let’s see the top 5 options you need to adapt to be secure while using the phone. Most of these are free methods and you won’t have to spend a single penny on these.

Let’s start!

  1. Password or Pattern

Make sure your phone is locked with either password or some screen pattern. Nowadays finger sensor is also available and even iPhone and Samsung phones have face detector. So, you should use whatever is the best locking available to your phone.

Also, you should use the complex password or pattern while doing these two which can not be easily guessed by anyone. Don’t allow others to use your phone and keep it handy.

  1. Don’t installed apps from untrusted source

This is the biggest mistake anyone does!

If you are an android user, install the apps available in google play store and for iOS user it is iTunes. Don’t install any APK as you are not sure what is the source of it and might be someone using some virus in it. And once you install, some other malware can also be installed.

Such applications are hard to track as no icon will be available to you. So, it’s better not to install only and enjoy your security and privacy.

  1. Audit your phone

You should also audit your phone regularly to ensure that it is not having any unwanted apps or files which can harm. Take a regular backup and restore whenever required.

You can do this monthly or quarterly basis depending on uses or external factors. But make sure to check each and every aspect.

  1. Use Antivirus

This is another important point while saving yourself from any possible malware. You can use and install some antivirus to keep your phone clean and secure. Most of these are free and ensures your phone is not getting any harmful apps or file. As soon as something will come, it will alert you.

  1. Use Monitoring

There are various apps which you can use which monitors your phone or system. These apps will send you an email or text messages as soon as some new app or program will be installed on your phone. By this way no matter whether the program getting installed has an icon or not, you’ll be able to track. These tracking apps are free to use and so, you won’t have to think about the commercials.


These were 5 best points to take care while keeping your phone secured and running. Internet security and privacy are a big concern and all you can do is to take the precautions. You can check this site for such precautions and apps which can help you know about spy and security more.

Implement these points and techniques to enjoy a hassle-free as well as secured access and browsing. If you got any other method, feel free to share here.


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