5 Best Must-use travel applications for Newbie Travelers

Are you a Newbie without any travel experience so far and is trying hard to plan for your upcoming trip? Certainly, you must be too confused about what to include on your list and what not!

However, with the technological progression, you can get everything ready before you with the advent of these travel applications that would make your tour go smoother. Definitely, do not forget to include a weather app in the list as that would continue updating you with the regular weather alerts and notifications.

Here are the 5 best must-use travel apps for newbie travelers:

1. WeatherBug

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WeatherBug is definitely regarded as the best weather application that comes along with a user-friendly interface. It gives the most current and accurate weather reports with hourly forecasts. It also includes weather maps and other features including satellite, lighting alerts, heat index, wind, UV intensity, pollen, Doppler radar effect and precipitation range. The information featured by this application helps travelers plan their trips accordingly to make sure that they do not get stuck in some severe weather circumstances that can otherwise ruin all the fun of the tour.

2. Hotel Tonight

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This is one of the savviest apps that let travelers find the last minute deals at hotels. If you are traveling to an unknown place and you need to get hotels booked at an instant, there is certainly no need to keep moving from one hotel to another in order to search the best price that suits your budget. This application will help you get the best rooms with the mentioned rates. You may also choose to track the discounts and offers that are often provided to the guests on festive seasons and special occasions. You just need a few taps to book your deal and can keep browsing for the hotel reviews and photos from your device itself.

3. Google Translate

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This is one of the most useful apps and you must have it on your device before you set off for some travel. Many a time, you may choose to visit places where you aren’t aware of the language spoken over there. In that case, you would surely face a lot of trouble while communicating with people around you. However, Google Translate is an amazing app that will translate the whole paragraph or some spoken words into the desired language. This application gives you a wide range of around 103 languages and all that you need to do is to speak the word or a phrase and the app will translate it into whatever language you need to know! Considering travel, you should always opt for cycles as a healthy alternative to you and the environment. First Light Cycling will guide you completely to chosing the best cycle.

4. Travel Pirates

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This is one of the most versatile applications that share all the latest travel deals. When you are traveling across the globe, no matter which place it is, you need to carry this app along with you. It helps you to discover vacation packages, cheap flights, promos, hotels and much more. You can even sign up to this app in order to receive personalized notifications and travel alerts that would match according to your deals. Also check out monument valley apk.

5. OANDA Currency Converter

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Being a newbie traveler, you may not be aware of the requirement of this app. However, in order to prevent yourself stuck into some foreign land, you ought to have this special exchange rate application into your device that would help you in getting daily rates for 190 + different currencies. You can thus, get the approximation of the charges of the banks or credit card companies levied upon you!

Try adding all these apps into the device before you leave for a tour.


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