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Best Video player apps for Android

Written by shalmali

Having to stream videos on your smart phone or on your tablets can prove to be a very harassing time for you. After all, you are wasting precious data, which would otherwise have been saved if you went for downloading the videos from your computer and storing it in your smart phone. However, the ability for you to watch videos while on the move is a great thing, as you would be able to save time and also make your journey very fruitful. So, when this does happen, then you would need to make use of some of the best video app android in case you’re making use of the android operating system. Now, if you are in the market looking out for the best video player applications, then you would have to look at some of the options we have underlined below.

BSPlayer the best video player for android.

The BSPlayer is one of the best-known video players that you can find in the android market. Yes, it has been accelerated through the hardware, and it provides for excellent decoding of any video file formats. Moreover, it supports almost all video types and formats, and the free version comes with a whole lot of bells and whistles. So, there is absolutely no need or prerequisite in order for you to pay money in order to make use of this wonderful player. However, there are problems with the interface, making it extremely bad for the people with little to absolutely no knowledge of android application to use this video player.

DicePlayer app for playing videos in android.

The DicePlayer is one of the most important video players that he would be able to find in the android market. It supports almost all of the popular video file formats, and also has appropriate support for the streaming media. It contains a wide variety of speed settings that allow you to fast forward the video. However, one problem with this particular video player is that it can be extremely lethargic on some android operating systems. Most of the new mobile phones have reported some sort of lagging in the video quality, and that in itself is a cause for worry.

Feather app to play videos in android.

Just like the name feather, this is a very small application, but very powerful one as well. It can only focus on playing videos, and you would be able to watch any form of videos that you would want with this particular application. So, for those people that have a playlist of videos waiting, this is the perfect with the application that you could have a look at. However, this application also comes with limited support for the file formats. More so, when you find that there are a lot less of support for this particular video file, then there is also a possibility that you would be able to find a lot of bugs in this video player, which is a reality.

Gplayer the best video player for android.

For those people that actually want to watch videos, or for that matter multiple videos in various floating windows, Gplayer is the perfect video player that they could get. It can be in a thematic representation of your taste, if you actually would want to go in that manner. It is relatively stable, and will be able to help you get the best experience of video playing without coming across any problems whatsoever. However, there are sources which mentioned that there is a lot of crash issues in this particular video player. Also, many of the users have reported that they make use of a large amount of resources and hardware, making it extremely taxing on the mobile phone.


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