How to boost Google chrome performance?

Written by shalmali

So, how can you speed up Google Chrome? Well, notably one of the most popular web browsers that you can find in the market, Google Chrome has been a staple factor for most of the people that would like to browse the Internet. However in spite of all the new features and recent updates and fixes, you would still find it to be extremely slow, possibly when there are a lot of instances of Google Chrome running at the same time. That is simply one way to look at it. However, even if it comes loaded with a lot of extensions and applications, it would be able to run faster than most of its competitor browsers. So, how can you go about increasing the speed of Google Chrome?

How to make Google Chrome fast?

You have to remember that there are various types of tips and tricks as well as hacks that can be used in order to improve the overall sensitivity as well as the speed of this browser. This is subsequently going to end up improving the page loading speed as well as the browsing speed. So, what are some of the hacks that you could employ for speeding up Google Chrome? Also, I have covered how to fix ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR

#1. You need to avoid any kind of extensions that does not have any functionality in your daily web browsing activity. Extensions are basically tools that will be able to extend the functionality of that particular browser, which in this case happens to be Google Chrome. They may be helpful to your daily activity; however they end up hogging a lot of resources in terms of speed from Google Chrome. So, even if you have extensions which are run seemingly in the background, but they still have their own things to work out. So, simply go to the chrome extension is located in the Google Chrome, and untick all the enable features associated with the extension. You could also end up deleting some of the extensions if you have no use for it.

#2. Always ensure that you disable any kind of plug-in that you have no use for. After all, these are similar to extensions, but then they are always associated with some form of web browsing. However, given the fact that Google Chrome comes with its own set of plug-ins which are put into the boot sector of the browser, there is absolutely no need for you to install a lot of plug-ins for the same job. So, go to the plug-ins section Google Chrome, and disable the ones that would actually not be used for a long period of time.

#3. Removing any kind of web applications that you do not need is the best way for you to progress in improving the speed of your chrome browser. There are many applications that will be able to run on the locally installed web applications, and it is very important for you to make sure that you do not get such kind of products in your chrome browser. So, to the apps section in your Google Chrome, and right click on all the applications that you would want to be removed from chrome. After doing so simply click on the remove button so as to confirm your decision. Also check out How to  Fix webpage has a redirect loop in Googlee chrome

#4. Intelligent features like prefetch are also a good way for you to increase the speed of Google Chrome. What you need to do is to head over to the options and the settings tab, and click on the advanced settings. Once there, tick on the prefetch resources in order to load pages option, and there would be a noticeable increase in the speed of the chrome browser.


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