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Cartoon HD: Those of you who are into watching movies and television shows online, they must have heard of Cartoon HD. Since we are familiar that this is the technological era, a time where things are becoming wireless. Be it reading articles, buying stuff, or even listening to music or watching movies, almost everything we can imagine today is digital. Special mention goes to digital payments because of which more than fifty percent of the world’s money is being safely and securely transmitted every passing second. Anyway, going back to Cartoon HD, the name may sound familiar to most of the people who surf the web today. is a sensation app that provides its users to stream free movies and television series online. Apart from streaming, you can also download those movies and television series on your Android/iOS/Windows device without any issue. The app was started back in 2011 as a mere project that allowed users to watch free cartoons and shows, but due to its growing popularity, the creators decided to add movies and television shows to its list of contents. The app is a really great app that works best on smartphones and tablets. As of today, it is available for free download on Android, iOS and Windows-powered devices. Cartoon HD can be downloaded via its website which is

Cartoon HD is loaded with features of all kind and some of them are really cool. Some of the features of Cartoon HD are listed below-

  • It provides access to hours and hours of free movies, cartoons and TV shows with just a touch. The app had well-arranged drawers for movies and shows. You can watch all the latest movies and shows over here without any issue. Users can either look up the library or simply type in the required movie name or show name and the app will search it for him/her.
  • The app works flawlessly and is very fast on smartphones and tablets. It does not require any hardware loaded device in order to run. All it requires is an internet connection and it does the rest. There is even no need to register or to enter your credit card credentials here. Just download and install the app and you are good to start watching movies and shows online.
  • The interface is great. It is a well-arranged interface with neat bezels and edges. The in-app colour combination is contrasting and because of that it does not strain the eyes much even if watched for prolonged periods of time. But it is best to take rest for some time after straining the eyes for 2-3 hours or so.
  • There are no ads in the app. The app with give you all a premium experience and the movies and shows load up easily because of the cloud acceleration that Cartoon HD is famous for using. Even apps like Netflix and HBO Go do not use such a technology and here is where Cartoon HD easily beats both of these well-known video on demand apps.

Thus, you all should Download Cartoon HD today and start streaming free shows and movies.


Manthan Dudeja

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