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DroidVPN Premium -Most of us use free Wi-Fi, mobile data, and various Internet networks, and so, it is very important to keep all our important data, passwords and location secure. This is where VPNs come to help. VPN creates a wall around you and your Internet connection so you can hide your personal information to the maximum extent. Also, when you surf the web from free Internet on public Wi-Fi networks, most of the time you might have faced problems in using most of the popular sites like Facebook, YouTube etc. These websites are usually blocked on the free Internet. But with the help of VPNs, you can easily surf even the blocked websites and also you will not have to worry about your privacy. VPNs basically unlock the full potential of free public Wi-Fi so you can enjoy all of the websites while keeping your identity anonymous.

What is DroidVPN Premium?

VPN stands for virtual private network and “Droid” comes from the word Android. Droid VPN is one of the most safest VPNs that allows you to change your native IP address to the IP address of any of the countries like USA, Canada, China, UK etc.

There are two accounts of the DroidVPN , free and premium. The free account of DroidVPN is easily available but it allows you to use only 100 MB each day. Though the free account is also very useful, the paid account gives you full freedom to use unlimited Internet and also has most of the amazing locked features of DroidVPN Premium. But DroidVPN Premium is paid and costs you $5 every month.

 DroidVPN Premium apk

DroidVPN Premium apk and account for free

Do not worry as in this article we are going to give you a few tricks by which you can get access to the premium account of Droid VPN for free and surf unlimited Internet along with accessing all of the advantages of premium account. By using the premium account, you can also bypass the daily limit of 100 MB on DroidVPN Premium easily.

How to use of Droid VPN

Here are few of the amazing features that the DroidVPN Premium has to offer:

  • It helps to in unblocking any website that is blocked on free public Wi-Fi service
  • You can access any blocked websites like YouTube, Facebook etc., and surf them for free
  • It protects your privacy and keeps your identity anonymous
  • It encrypts all the Internet data utilized by you
  • It helps to increase the downloading speed instantly
  • It has a very user-friendly and easy to use interface
  • It can also be used for accessing several free Internet tricks
  • It also helps you in changing your native IP address to another IP address from any other country

Whenever you visit a new website, you expose your identity and leave a digital fingerprint in the form of your IP address. Any programmer may use this information to steal your password and can access more of your sensitive information. This is where Droid VPN comes to use as it helps you in protecting your identity by making your presence anonymous.

Features of DroidVPN Premium 

Below, we are listing a few features of DroidVPN Premium  App that can come handy to you while surfing the free public Wi-Fi service:

  • Conducts all your web activities and browsing by hiding your actual IP address
  • All of your data on the computer like passwords, location, instant messages and other important information is securely encrypted
  • Keeps your web browsing session secured when connected via Wi-Fi
  • You can save a lot of data on bandwidth by using VPN data compression
  • It blocks all the ads in order to give you a faster Internet connection
  • Gives you unrestricted Speed
  • Provides you with unlimited and instant service switch
  • Encrypts all your Internet traffic
  • Tunnels through the ICMP
  • Works well with Wi-Fi, mobile data as well as GPRS
  • 100 MB of free data every day (for free account)

Now here are a few of the features that are available only on premium account of Droid VPN:

  • Gives you access to an unlimited data usage
  • Your premium account will be linked to various premium servers
  • No speed detection problems will be faced
  • You can make use of unlimited data offer from Idea, Aircel, Airtel etc
  • You can connect with any TCP/UDP ports

Download DroidVPN Premium APK

Download the DroidVPN Premium apk from the link given below

Get DroidVPN Premium Account for free

You can download Droid VPN premium account for free by following two ways depending on your Android device. There are a rooted version and a non-rooted version of downloading the premium account. Before we move to that, first let’s follow the basic steps of downloading and installing the Droid VPN premium account.

Follow the steps that are given below:

  • Download the Droid VPN Premium account APK file on your device
  • Enable “Unknown sources” under the “Security” settings of your “Settings” menu
  • Install the APK file on your device
  • Also, download the Droid VPN account username and password
  • Once installed, open the Droid VPN APK and tap on the upper right corner of the App
  • Now, go to “Account” under the “Settings” menu
  • Enter the username and password of Droid VPN account
  • You have now successfully downloaded the Droid VPN premium account for free

Once you sign into the account you will get a limitless plan and premium services of Droid VPN premium account for free.

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Using the DroidVPN Premium account on un-rooted Android devices

Once you have completely downloaded and installed the Droid VPN APK successfully, turn on the data connection on your computer and follow the steps given below:

  • Open the Droid VPN App and go to the menu
  • Under the menu, go to “Settings” and you will find “no root mode – Use Droid VPN without root access”
  • Click on it and return to your “Settings” menu
  • Go to “Connection Protocol” and click on “Connect using ICMP”
  • Now, visit the main menu again and make sure that the data connection of your computer is active
  • Tap on “Connect” and wait for a few seconds
  • You are now connected to the Droid VPN premium account
  • If you see that you are still on the trail account, select one of the free servers

Using DroidVPN Premium  account on rooted Android devices

  • Open the Droid VPN App and go to the menu
  • Under the menu section, go to “Settings” and you will find “no Root mode – Use Droid VPN without root access”
  • Do not click on this and then to your Configuration settings
  • Under “Configuration”, go to “Connection Protocol” and click on “Connect using ICMP”
  • Now, visit the main menu of the Droid VPN premium account again and click on “Connect”
  • Wait for a few seconds until you are connected to the Droid VPN premium account


So these are the methods you can use to get access to the Droid VPN premium account. You can use the premium account of DroidVPN Premium on both rooted and un-rooted Android devices using the methods that are mentioned above. With so many features, uses and amazing advantages of the Droid VPN premium account, I am sure you will not want to miss a chance of using this excellent app. So get connected to the Droid VPN premium account and browse through all day with unlimited data access anonymously.

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