Snoopza: This Facebook Tracker App Can Help Boost Productivity

Your employees have all the right to use their social media accounts. It is a part of their privacy, but it doesn’t mean that they should access their Facebook account when on the job. It can not only affect your organizational productivity, it may also put limb and life at risk depending on the kind of processes involved. Despite a strict company policy, it is highly likely that most workers would be tempted to access their social media accounts on work. An effective way to curb this practice is to install a facebook tracker app like Snoopza on their devices. It is a free Android app and is easy and quick to install. 

Much More than a Facebook Activity Tracker

Snoopza is much more than a social media activity tracker. It can also become a powerful tool in your arsenal to detect and prevent corporate espionage.

It can track all activities on an employee’s phone. Whether it’s their Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp or Snapchat interactions or web activities or phone calls, you can save the messages, audio/video, and the calls. You can even capture screenshots of their device. Whether its Skype, Instagram or any other app, you can track any activity on their phone.

In fact, this app can even track your employee’s location.

Prevent Social Media Activities During Work Hours

Your employees are meant to work and complete their tasks during work hours. This facebook tracker app allows you to view what they are doing on their device. You could save their activity details and include it as a parameter in their performance. The information can also be used to warn them so that they start focusing on their work.

Whether its Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber or any other app, many employees can waste hours of their work hours every day. When you use Snoopza, you are contributing to improving your organization’s productivity.

Keep Track of Employees

When it comes to your sales and marketing team, your business depends on them working with high level of efficiency. You don’t want an employee to be spending time at home or elsewhere when they claim to be meeting a potential client. Using Snoopza is a simple strategy to keep track of your employees. This is much more than just a facebook tracker app and allows you to ensure that your employees are in fact at the place they claim to be.

Prevent Corporate Espionage

In an age where sharing information is as simple and quick as a few taps, you should be extra careful to prevent any corporate espionage activities within your organization. With Snoopza you can keep track of all communication and other phone activities of your employees. So if you are suspicious of any staff member, you could check their phone activities and confirm your doubts.

  • Track Phone Calls: This app can save all phone calls on an employee’s smartphone or tablet. You can record calls as audio files.
  • Track Messages: Even SMS and MMS messages can be saved. Find out if someone is sharing company secrets with someone outside the organization.
  • Capture Screenshots: If you notice any suspicious activities on an employee’s phone, you can even get screenshots.

Thus, this app allows you to keep track of all kinds of activities on your employee’s phone. This spy app keeps tracking everything in the background in a discreet manner. Since it is available for free, you will not have to bear extensive licensing fees. It is easy to install and use, but if you face any issues there is a 24/7 customer support service. It is specifically designed for Android devices.


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