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We all love listening to music. No matter how tensed or angry you are, listening to good music can always make you feel better. When I mention good music, I am referring to the actual good music and not crazy Bollywood songs. You can download Spotify Premium APK and start listening to some really good music right away!

Why Spotify Premium APK?

Why Spotify you ask? Well, there is a reason why it is one of the most famous music streaming and downloading app. The UI is so beautiful and cool. Everyone loves cool looking dark UIs. As well as the features. It has a lot of awesome features which you won’t find in any other app. Why Spotify Premium APK and not the normal one? Well, because there are some important features that the premium apk has but the free one doesn’t.

Difference between Spotify premium and Spotify free

  • Ads. One of the most irritating things ever existed. The Spotify free version has a lot of ads, while the premium one is free of ads. After every 1-2 tracks, you will see a pop-up ad in Spotify free version while the Spotify Premium APK is totally free from that.
  • Tracks. Some tracks are not playable in the free version.
  • Downloads. You can’t download any Playlist or song in the free version. While in the premium version you can download as many songs and playlists as you want without any interruption.Spotify-Premium-APK
  • Web interface. You can use the web interface in the free version but you won’t be able to use shuffle mode or listen to pre made playlists on the web or desktop version.
  • Audio quality. In Spotify free you can only listen to 96kbps as the standard bitrate for mobile and 160kbps on desktop. While the web player supports “standard quality” and “high quality”. In Spotify Premium APK, you will get 320 kbps, which is “extreme quality” in mobile and “high quality” in the desktop.

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How to Download Spotify Premium APK for free

Follow the link given below to Download Spotify Premium APK for free and use spotify premium for free on your phone. the below given APK link does not contain any surveys on the download page. 🙂  once you download Spotify Premium APK, follow the guide given below to learn how to install Spotify Premium APK.

Click here to Download

How to install and use Spotify

  1. To install the Spotify Premium APK, you will need to enable installation from unknown sources by going to your Android settings. Once you have done this, go to your browser’s download tab and click on the APK file. Now click on install and install the app.
  2. When you open Spotify for the first time, it will ask you to select your favourite artists and bands. Select them and click on next. Spotify will now create a welcome playlist for you now base on your favourite artists and bands.
  3. From the home section, you can browse your recently played songs, and songs suggested by Spotify.
  4. You can browse your playlists, stations, songs, stations, prodcast, artists and videos by clicking on “Your library” in the bottom right corner. You can browse your recently played playlists from there as well.
  5. You can select the search function from the bottom menu, and search for your favourite song, playlist or an artist.
  6. You can follow other Spotify profiles and browse their public playlists as well. You can go to search and search for their username.

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Features of Spotify Premium APK

  • View lyrics – You liked a song, and want to sing it in your voice? Don’t worry, we got you covered. You can check lyrics of Spotify songs in Spotify app itself. There is no need to go on Google and search for the lyrics. This feature is only available for English songs.
    To check the lyrics of a song, do the following:
    Step 1. Play the music you want to check lyrics of.
    Step 2. Once you’ve started playing the music, click on “Now Playing” bar at the bottom.
    You can now see the lyrics and story of the song.
  • Audio quality settings – If you want to listen to high quality music, you can increase the quality. Or if you want to save your data, you can lower the quality.
  • Spotify radio – If you don’t know what to listen, then this feature is for you. You can create a radio station with a song, album, artist or playlist and then it will choose music for you based on that. It is a really good feature if you want to explore more new songs.
  • The play queue – Using the play queue, you can arrange in which order you want to hear the songs. If you want to hear a song first, and then others later, then you can drag that song to the top of play queue. It is a really great feature lacked by many apps.
  • Play history – Loved a song but forgot the name? Don’t worry. Using Spotify Premium APK’s play history, you can check names of all the songs you have played before. Another useful feature many lack.

Last year, Spotify added a huge feature called “Discover weekly” playlist. This playlist will automatically pop up in your library every Monday. It is a playlist based on your preference of songs. In other words, it is like a friend who knows your music taste and makes you a lovely playlist every Monday. Using discovery playlist, over billions of dogs have been streamed so far and 70% of the users saved at least one track from this playlist in the past 10 weeks.

However, the discover weekly playlist gets cleaned and replaced by new songs every week. So make sure to listen to the playlist and save good songs every week.


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